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Friday, November 12, 2010

American Merry-Go-Round

Submitted by Greg Durham

The merry-go-round of modern humanity. What i`m trying to describe here is what we accept as a current way of life here in the U.S. or maybe your country too. It`s nothing more than a merry-go-round of life fueled by the greed of bystanders watching you spin around and around. You can enjoy this ride of life but happy or sad we are purposely blinded to not realize we are going in circles and learning nothing along the way. Is this what we were truly born to do? I feel like eventually everyone on the ride will see what is really going on and then be able to jump off of it either one of two ways. How will this happen? Either people will smarten up as a whole and begin to elect the correct government officials to lead us out of this mess (the easy way) or a solar storm is going to hit us and send us back to the 1800`s for several months to several years (the real easy way).

People seem to get caught up on this thing because it`s either instilled in us from birth as the accepted life style or the American government and media blinds them to the point where they are limited to only seeing what is in front of their face. That is just the way they want you. On the couch in front of the TV so every program and commercial can teach you how to be a better more thoughtful or medicated American. Watch this, wear that, listen to this, eat that, you simply must do this or your not a good person. Other Americans won`t think highly of you. Not to worry though we have pills to sell you that will fix you right up...
 Well what happens when a person happens to get lucky and fall off or jumps off the American merry-go-round? Their eyes are finally forced open, they see the big picture, they see where America is headed and they decide to write about it.

From the beginning it would seem we are born into this way of life. Enslaved into a vicious circle of commerce and greed. We raise our children to have better lives then we had. To be a bit smarter then we were. We teach our kids as we were taught and then add all of our life experiences to it. We then assume we are enlightening them to the point of what we perceive as the best way of life for them. They leave the nest at a certain age and from then on we hope that we did our job to the best of our ability. But what have we really taught them? We only taught them what we were taught and what we have come to learn from the time we were kids as right and wrong. That`s all. What if we were wrong?

Our American government and media pounds us every minute 24/7 dictating to us such things as what we should wear and who to associate with. Everything from what is not actually happening in the world to the best fishing lure that you must have. The only real truth I have ever found that comes out of that TV is the weather report and they may have that right about seven of ten times. Since July 1, 1941 when the first American commercial was broadcast this has been happening. Almost 70 years of American media dictatorship. That`s like 3 to 5 generations worth of, "If a nuclear blast hits, get under the table for safety."

What if somewhere down the line America got it all wrong? What if mankind got it all wrong? What if somewhere down the line our natural path changed from what mom and dad cherished as what is most important when talking about humanity? Do you think it`s possible that at some time we traded morals and principles for greed and power? Did our real purpose on earth and our best path for quality of life for humanity change somehow? Is it possible a new path was mapped out for us because of our greed and our governments quest for world power? I can think of one point in time that was pretty significant in our history. Not this generation or even several generations before ours. I`m talking about that birth of real greed. When it all changed. When the world changed. When the U.S. changed. Before the Internet, before we went to the moon, before TV, before automobiles. Back when 80% of Americans were farmers. I`m talking about oil and i`m talking about the industrial revolution in the US. (1820-1870)

Oil historians in the USA give credit for the first modern commercial oil well to Colonel Edwin L. Drake. His well reached a depth of 22m (72-ft). It was drilled in “Oil Creek” near the town of Titusville, slightly east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and started producing oil on August 28,1859.

This my friend is what i`m talking about. This is when it began, a time in our history that gave new meaning to the word "greed." There were many important dates when our future in the US and futures around the world were rewritten but when we discovered oil here and what it could do for us, our economy and our country there was no turning back. Greed took over and a new future was now in sight. The rich and powerful grew 100 fold over night and every night there after. Our commerce eventually went through the roof and we then became the super powerful materialistic ugly Americans that we are today.

That`s a point in our history that I think our path changed. Somewhere in the 19th century it started. Through the 20th century we sealed this way of life. New found money led to power and greed quickly. I believe it was then that as far as most Americans as a whole, not all but certainly the ones in power for the most part widened a gap between themselves and god. I think our principles and morals got divided up. This is what greed does, it is a poison which will mislead you. Our level of social status really began to mean something. The materialistic nicety's were born all over the U.S. through industrialization and our commercialism would reach new levels. The message or our way of life up until then got lost, reinvented then commercialized and packaged for profit. Along with the greed and power we eventually became dictators to the world without even trying. Some countries began to love us and want to be just like us. Some countries began to hate and despise us. Before this point in American history our country was just another kid on the block. We suddenly became that new rich kid in the neighborhood with all the best toys. You either love him or hate him. The point is, before the new kid moved in the neighborhood, as a planet we all got along more so than not. We had recently fought England, won and declared our independence. We were free, we were happy, we were god fearing and had a real good bead on things. There was a harmonious vibe if you will. The neighborhood or world I should say was free from any such influence good or bad from the west.

Don`t get me wrong, i`m not saying my beloved United States is too blame for any other countries woes. Other governments are made up grown ups just like ours. They have and always will preach their way of life and choose how to govern their own people.

So I think a lot about today's world, today's merry-go-round, where we`re headed and what`s in store for my daughter and my grandchildren. I have this image of me on my death bed some day. I look at my daughter and wonder for her future as all parents do. I want to be able to look her in the eye and tell her that I did the best that I could, I want to say that we as Americans, the so called dictators of the world and my generation, did the best we could for you and your generation... Why does that thought haunt me? Because i know in my heart that we can do much much better than we are.

They say now a days it takes a village to raise a child. I agree with that but does that make it right from wrong? Did we cause this? Because in 1820 you only needed mom and pop and the farm. When thinking about a overall quality of life which life style is really better?
2010, worrying about killing our planet, Americans being blown up by terrorists or some other country because our price of gasoline went up twenty cents, buying the next iPhone on some maxed out credit card.  vs.1820, worrying about harvesting the back 40 before the sun goes down and my father taking a switch to me for playing in my Sunday clothes?

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