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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift Asteroids Weather Changes March 15th Video

In the last days the rumors about a planetary pole shift, provoked by the Comet C/2010 X1 aka Elenin, to occur in March 15th or so, got viral on the internet. Lots of threads in conspiracy forums, blogs, videos in YT like websites and many, many disinformation, doom-alerts and general fear mongering, being quickly spread after a call made by a mysterious woman on Alex Jones show, that was pulled off the air, after she has attempted to talk about online documents that prove that US military is largely using HAARP and other weapons of weather control. So, just like that, a guy named David came from nowhere, uploading videos claiming that this woman is a White House's insider, spilling the beams about this pole shift, the comet Elenin and stuff...
I did listen to her on Coast 2 Coast, with George Noory, I did some research about the comet Elenin and I made this video with my personal analysis, that may or not to help to clarify this subject.

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@avantipensatore [quote]:

I am very surprised that Alex Jones admitted there was a caller and that he cut her out of his show. Proof from Alex Jones mouth that I was telling the truth. Now even after this, will you accept it? I have not lied about any thing.

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