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Monday, February 28, 2011

How The U.S. Navy Views Climate: 2min Video

These people do not know what to expect? Are you kidding me?! It's really not that difficult to predict possible global climate shift outcomes. There are a few facts to understand here:

1. The climate is shifting faster that what we see on the news.

2. Its not just Earth but the entire solar system has been under going a VERY DRAMATIC climate shift over the past 20 years. The whole solar system including Earth, all of the planets (yes, Pluto is a planet and is also changing DRASTICALLY), all of the moons, and the Sun.

3. The Earth has been in existance for about 4,567,000,000 years and we have a clear catalog of the chifts in climate down through geological history and what it's affect were to all life on Earth.

 Now with that said, allow me to correct the ignorant individual from the Navy. Forecasting what may happen is very simple to do with paleontology and paleoclimatology. I could cover multiple climactic shifts down through out geological history; the carboniferous, the cambrian, the P/T, and the K/T being some of them. But instead I will cover the most relevant and almost identical to what we are seeing today that happened 12,900 years ago, The Younger Dryas Abrupt Global Climate Shift Event. This is also called The Pleistocene Extinction Event.

During the Younger Dryas Event, the Earth undertook the most abrupt climate shift in geological history with the exception of the planet Theia striking Earth and forming our moon 4.53 billion years ago. This event brought about an abrupt shift so severe that it pushed the human race almost to extinction. Our numbers were only a few thousand per continent. The climate abruptly shifted from a temperate climate to ice age climate in less than six months. Much of the Northern hemisphere froze and became dry. This killed off not only much of the human population but also much of the pleistocene megafauna such as the Mammoths, Smilodons, Castoroides Ohioensis, Dire Wolves, American Lion, American Camel, and the Titanis Walleri. Our ancestors, the Clovis People, were nearly 100% killed off. Those remaining joined with the Folsom People and became the present day Native Americans.

The following are excerpts from a paper that I wrote for an archaeologist, Klaus Dona of Vienna, Austria. He is working on studying an advanced global civilization that he discovered that also came to an end 12,900 years ago with this event. Their writings recount catastrophes that ended their civilization and I filled in the blanks for the archaeologist giving possibly a more accurate account of exactly what happened to them.


 The Laurentide Ice Sheet covered the Northern portion of North America. Before the Younger Dryas, this ice sheet was melting and retreating Northwards. During this time the Clovis People and the animals of the ice age flourished. The Clovis People migrated all over North America as far North as Alberta, Canada. The melt water from the Laurentide Ice Sheet was held in check and driven down the Mississippi River and emptied into the Gulf of Mexico. As the ice sheet melted and retreated, 12,900 years ago the ice dam shifted and let the water loose into the Saint Lawrence River. Along with this ice sheet melt water, local proglacial lakes also drained into the Saint Lawrence River, out into the the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and into the North Atlantic.

Dur ring the same time frame Lake Agassiz was also set loose. Lake Agassiz was a gigantic glacial lake situated in North America. The immense lake covered much of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, North Dakota, and Minnesota. At it's peak size, it may have taken up the area of about 169,885 square miles, or about 440,000 square kilometers! This is much larger than any lake in existence today! Lake Agassiz held the equivalent volume of much more than all of the water in all of the lakes on the planet today! When Lake Agassiz's glacial dam broke, the lake emptied into the Hudson Bay and directly into the Arctic Ocean. Some of this may have also gone out into the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Saint Lawrence River. This has been likened to an ocean of fresh water being dumped into the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. 12,900 years ago the global ocean levels shot up! Some estimates suggest hundreds of feet in a very short amount of time.

 Abrupt Climate Shift

 12,900 years ago, during the last ice age, the planet suffered an immense and very abrupt global climactic shift. The climate turned from the ice age's end, the climate warming, and abruptly reversed right back into a fierce ice age in less than just six months! The is called the Younger Dryas Climate Shift Event. One ideal way to look at the impact this shift had on the planet is to study the affects it had on the Clovis People. There are more Clovis sites in the Chesapeake Bay area than any where else in North America. All evidence of the Clovis People in the Delmarva Peninsula disappears at the time mile marker of about 12,900 years ago. In the Delmarva Peninsula there is a layer of rock about a foot and a half thick that that separates the time frames of 11,000 years ago and 13,000 years ago. This layer of rock being so thick tells a tail of great turbulence and upheaval in Earth's history. During this time frame we have the most severe and devastating climate shifts in human history, the Younger Dryas Climate Shift Event! Around Maryland and Virginia, the area suffered deadly dust storms. To understand what happened, one must look to the paleoclimatology of that time.

The paleohumans and ice age animals flourished in the time of the melt. 12,900 years ago the global climate abruptly reversed back into an ice age in possibly less than 6 months. The sharp reduction of methane gas locked in ice cores of 12,900 years ago give evidence of an incredibly rapid climate shift. In North America the climate became dry and cold. In some areas, the winds kicked up devastating dust storms that ravaged the landscape. Many areas became completely uninhabitable. All species of the planet, both human and animal, had to either adapt, migrate, or die.

The melt off of the Laurentide Ice Sheet ran down the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico. Then the melt off was diverted to the Saint Lawrence River directly into the North Atlantic. These two paths of glacial melt along with the Lake Agassiz break, collapsed the Thermohaline Circulatory System and brought back the ice age with a vengeance! This also caused the global water levels to rise hundreds of feet in a very short amount of time!

The thermohaline picks up heat in the low lalittitues down around the equator. The warm water rises to the top of the ocean water levels. Some of it evaporates and leave the salt behind in the ocean. The heavier cooler heavily salinated water sinks and is carried back South to the equator by deep underwater currents where the cycle starts all over again. This system stretches all around the world and regulates temperature, wind, and weather for the entire planet. Should this cycle be disrupted in any way, it can have drastic and life threatening affects for the whole planet. The melting glacial ice sheets and the emptying of glacial lakes into the North Atlantic did exactly this! It collapsed the thermohaline!

The affects of this was felt around the world. Northern European forests turned into frozen tundras. In Asia, dust storms from Asian deserts blew into the air and ravaged the landscape. The Glaciers of the Northern hemisphere returned to their relentless march Southwards. The Climate in North America became cold and very dry. In some areas dust storms suffocated the land, animals, and people rendering those areas uninhabitable. These dust clouds could have lasted over 1,000 years. Not a single Clovis artifact has been found after 12,900 years ago in all of North America in archaeological sites! It seems that the Younger Dryas Climate Shift Event may have wiped out the Clovis technology!

 Some day in our future, could we share the same fate as the impressively advanced Golbal Civilization? To some degree, I would have to say yes! Right now, the human race is traveling down a destructive path at a genocidal and ecocidal rate! This is causing changes on our planet as well as our climate. Despite what many scientists try to tell us, our climate is shifting. We are far over due for another Galactic Superwave. Dr. Paul LaViolette states multiple time that with in the next 400 years we have a 90% chance of having one hit Earth. Stellar cycle 24 is preceived to be a very turbulent cycle indeed. The polar ice caps are melting at a horrifying rate. It is predicted that they will be gone by the summer of 2013 at the latest. This melting has already started to collapse the thermohaline as of 2005. Habibullo Abdussamatov, the head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia has perdicted that the next ice age may begin as soon as 2014. My predictions and calculations gave me the year 2017 if things do not change. We may be in for some troubleing times indeed!
Some of my resources:


 Sources-Celestial Impact

 Additional Sources used for all sections 

Landmass exposure maps

Lake Agassiz map 

Global Sea Level Increase

 Here is the source for the entire solar system drastically changing over the past 20 years:

 Can this be avoided? Sure it can! Stabilize the salinity of the oceans thus re-expanding the Thermohaline. Stop all pollution! This can easily be done with technology available today. Every vehicle, house, machine, and business can 100% eliminate it's polution output. There are literaly thousands of technologies that give free energy in abundance. Some of the best are wave energy, tidal energy, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, zero point enrgy, hyperdimensional energy, electrogravitic energy, and the HHO engine. With the HHO engine in a car, you can travel from New York City to L.A. on 22.5 gallons of water. The exhaust is water vapor and nothing more. No gas, no oil, no nothing, just water. If just 3 states in the US are given wind energy devices, they can power the entire US. Tidal energy can give us 50% as can wave energy. Geothermal energy can give off 2000 times more energy than what the entire planet needs.

But in so doing..... The Bush Family, The Bin Laden Family, The Rockefeller Family, The Rothchild Family, and other such families would go broke because of the 100% independance of gas, oil, and the destruction of the banking/monetary/stock market systems. Darn!! Now that really would be too bad, wouldn't it? That would be a supermassive bummer indeed! Well it would be for them, but it would liberate the rest of the human race.....

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