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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Thoughts On A Resource Based Society

Submitted by Greg Durham

As far as today's economy I really don`t see how the oil companies are to blame. Wall street is not to blame. Our governments are not to blame. The powers that be aka the illuminati is not to blame. The Vatican or other religious organizations are not to blame. They are enslaved with in a monetary system just like you and I. I am to blame and you are to blame. Yes, we are. However, we together, can change the world. Oh yes we can. I dare you to at least explore the possibilities and benefits of a resource based society. Then weigh them against today's problems. I dare you to step outside your bubble for at least the next few minutes.

Yes, at one time we needed a monetary system to advance ourselves technologically to where we are today. But that ship has sailed, the bottom line is we can`t use the monetary system any longer because it has forced us to compromise our basic human principles to do so. To the point of where it is acceptable to kill and starve other human beings for resources. This is unacceptable for civilized human behavior. Our monetary system now is the very root to 99% of all of today's problems. All of them.

Examples of this:

Why not release a car that never breaks down or last for your life time? Yes it is possible but if it was done the car maker would be out of business very soon. So because of the monetary system you simply just can`t do this. It`s against it`s rules.

Why not just cure the disease instead of treating the symptoms? Yes of course it is possible but if it was done it would cripple the pharmaceutical company who manufactures the drugs, dismantle research foundations etc... many would lose their very living.

Why not release the fastest computer chip possible at once instead of in timely increments in a computer that never gets viruses or crashes? If this was done you would soon be out of business and you couldn't create the many jobs, build your wealth and power up to have the seat at the grown ups table.

These are the rules and the very facts of a monetary system. You know this but yet accept it. Why? We have become so technologically advanced we are forced to bleed the technology out now at a very slow pace to survive in business. Now ask yourself... how stupid and ignorant are we, to let this go on? We are to blame! We, are the sheep. NO LONGER!

We are not alone. Step out of your bubble and take in the big picture. Stop thinking of yourself as the only one, the only family you are responsible for and start seeing the truth. Thinking of humanity as one... We are all connected, we are one, we are a collective being. Every action or vibration you omit outward flows through and eventually back to you through our fellow human. Cause and effect. We are one. Once that you can not only grasp that concept of true reality your next step is to believe it. Honestly, in your heart and mind. When or if you are lucky enough to see this, your consciousness will level up and our problems will become so simple to solve.

Can you imagine voting for a leader or law who or which is uninfluenced by money or corporations? Does that not sound crazy or what? It is not. Would you still go to work every day, to your current job knowing you were working for humanity and not yourself? Would you be willing to work half a week instead of a full week? That you could keep everything (you think) you own or currently have in your possession? Or to move and live anywhere in the world? To have the precious time needed for your family? To be cured of any disease? To go anywhere on vacation? To have unlimited education? To live in peace and to respect and love the earth and ALL life, human and non-human?

If you, for a lack of a better word, (buy) into this idea of a resource based society. If you have taken the time to research the many ideas on web sites and blogs about it and are now asking yourself... how do we get there, than this next paragraph is for you.

I think many who see the resource based system as our answer can`t see the way to get to it. My friend this is so simple. Like you, after the realization of it hit me I realized it would never EVER happen because of the powers that be. They will never give up their power, never. However what you are forgetting is we don`t need to ask for permission, we only need to stop taking the money. We, the sheep, are in true control, not them. You know, the 99% of the world... Yes, stop taking the money. You, me, everyone on the planet with in the monetary system all on one date, at one time, needs to stop taking the money. Do you need a date? Ok, let`s end life as we know it and start a era of human civilization just as the Mayan calendar predicts on December 21st 2012. Sure, why not. Your only responsibility for this change is to keep doing your current job until our brand new and very streamlined government leaders re-vamp the system. How hard is that? You see if we went to this resource based system many people would lose their jobs. Anything in sales, advertising, banks, stockbrokers etc... and so on... our kids and even yourselves could now have unlimited educations in science and medical fields, research... All the extra people now not working are the very same people that are going to cut your work week in half. Yes of course things would be a bit screwed up for a while. We would have to figure out which jobs are really needed. This could go on on for an entire generation, but remember, it`s not about you or i, this change is for the future of humanity as a whole.

Imagine this future... You and I were a part of the generation smart enough to put a stop to the ridicules path humanity was on. That you and I gave our kids our grandchildren and so forth a world with such things as no more war, starvation, disease, drugs, crime... a world with unlimited education, energy and eventually even galactic exploration.... Wow... Ok... now I`ve reached my limit. It`s really hard for me to picture it completely as to where such actions of today will lead and then to convey them to you but that`s how it should be. No one person has all the answers. This is why I say I need you. We all need you and your input and ideas.

I am only human but I am smart enough to know humanities future has come to a head. A stalemate. It is my opinion our future will be decided one of three ways.

1) We come up with a new cash cow that puts everyone to work and gives the over populace a job to everyone who wants one. Our economy picks back up and we again thrive with in a monetary system, foolishly with needless death and disease etc... a while until it inevitably catches right back up to us again.
2) Our population will be reduced by design to the point to where it thrives once more and is sustainable with in current technologies.
3) We take a stand and force the change ourselves to a more or all resource based economy system. Oh, it`s coming, I just hope it comes non-violently.

The more we blog about this and the more you take the time to read and research the more educated we become. A resource based system is an answer and maybe it`s not THE answer for you. It is however an answer for 99% of humanity. Either way I`m happy you took the time to read this. Thank you. We live in strange times. We need answers and we need to put them in motion. Take a good look around the world right now and you tell me... what do you think the powers that be have decided? 1, 2 or 3?

By the way, one more thing. In reference to my opening statement. It really is no one groups fault for today's problems. You simply can not blame ignorance. You may have just thought I was referring to you. I am not. I am referring to the rich and powerful people who rule our world. They really don`t know any better. Money is the root to all evil. It always has been it always will be. Not everyone who has riches is to blame but for some, the more money you have the more worried you become about losing it. Therefore your conscious must enviably make more decisions about how to keep it and make more of it. These decisions effect the lives of millions, they are not always happy ones and your forced to live with them. Having riches gives them a status and power that they will always fear to lose. It then becomes their obsession. The more riches any one mind or group of minds have the more susceptible their mind becomes to weakening for the monetary system. At one time this was not a bad thing. It was thought of as just being ambitious or innovative. It is an outdated way of life now though.

Even if you don`t agree with this resourced based society concept for what ever reason, I want you keep your reason in mind and think really hard about what i`m about to say. Right now for what ever reasons somewhere in our world there is a human being that was just born. A human life born like you were and is now very hungry and cold just like you were. This baby didn't ask to be brought into this world and neither did you. The fact remains though you are both here. We decided to feed you. Now ask yourself should we feed this baby like we fed you or should we let it die of starvation? Sounds like a horrible or even a ridicules question doesn't it. However it`s many questions just like this we will always have to ask ourselves in a monetary system. Always. Understand that we have been enslaved. You think about that question next time and every time you open your refrigerator. I need you. We need you. Let`s end this way of life.

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