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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Blue Beam - Realtime Holograms & Augmented Reality. (Video)

Uploaded by on Nov 26, 2009

Note Recon Earth: While your watching this I want you to keep in mind that this technology and just this very video has been public knowledge for almost 2 years. Now think about how long it takes for such a technology to realistically bleed into public domain from real world black ops... 10? 20 years or more for sure. This document here was created in 1998 for crying out loud.

Now that you know or know more about this 3D Holographic Technology I ask you to be realistic, how much further has the technology really advanced? So when you think you see something in front of your face or in the sky such as a UFO, a comet, a purple freaking elephant with yellow poke-a-dots or maybe even a couple of planes crashing into the World Trade Center, are you really seeing it? Really? Are you 100% sure? Would you bet your life on it? All good questions. 

By the way, here is something to think about for "First Contact" or anytime you see what you may believe to be a UFO or ARV in real life or on video. The biggest thing that convinces most that your viewing ET technology is that you see the craft but can't explain it's hovering in silence or the way it took off at the speed of sound or faster with no noise. Well think of this 3D technology and the what many of our most credible witnesses to date from the Disclosure Project has stated. These vehicles are or look translucent. This to me means they can easily omit color camouflage or straight up go inferred on you to where they instantly become invisible to the naked eye and most video cameras. 

An (ARV) Alien Reproduction Vehicle  just uses a propulsion system and energy we have yet to be made publicly aware of and as far as it taking off so quickly... It didn't. They stay put and blink out to inferred and project itself taking off that quickly. The left hand fools us as the right hand disappears. That's what answers the question of how could humans stand the G-force. Just something to keep in mind because it's an absolute explainable possibility.

I am not telling you ET does not exist. I would never do that because I do believe in heart and mind ET to in fact exist. I am telling you to just keep this explanation in mind and that when your sighting occurs it is very possible you are viewing an ARV and not a craft controlled by non-human intelligence.

As always, do your own research and YOU decide.

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